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    Mission Statement And Key Beliefs
    AGI is committed to becoming the premier business partner to the healthcare industry in those areas in which we choose to provide service. Through outstanding people, appropriate expertise, world class quality and effective technology based services / products we will help clients reduce their operating costs, improve their productivity and enhance their revenues via the development, implementation and on-going refinement of appropriate strategies, systems and operations.

    We believe that all organizations have the ability to operate at higher levels of productivity and effectiveness and when they realize their full potential, they better serve the needs of their customers, employees, suppliers, financial intermediaries and other stake holders. We believe that most individuals have remarkable, untapped resources of energy, creativity, competence and personal effectiveness that can be drawn upon for the benefit of those individuals and their organizations.

    We believe that the development, implementation and on-going refinement of appropriate strategies, systems and operations can translate into substantial increases in a organization's financial strength and stability. We believe that most competitive advantage results from a continuous learning process of better ideas and practices...in an environment where employees are truly empowered and the organization is 100% customer focused. AGI is committed to being this type of company and in helping its clients achieve this level of organizational performance; as measured against key operational and financial criteria.

    INTEGRITY - We believe that the basis of all business and personal relationships is trust, based on impeccable integrity. We deal with everyone in an honest, legal and straightforward manner and expect the same in return. We keep our word and we fulfill our commitments. We understand integrity is the intrinsic moral constituent to always do what is right. Respect for the individual is integrity externalized through the fair treatment of each individual in and outside the company; and social responsibility is the cumulative effect of AGI's value to society.

    QUALITY - We believe that the material expression of integrity is quality; in our people, our services and our products. Each AGI Associate is totally professional and completely capable of fulfilling the commitments he or she makes. Each of our services and products is designed, developed and implemented to be excellent in every respect. We guarantee complete satisfaction to our clients of all services and products we provide. We strive to bring creativity, innovation, and state-of-the-art thinking to all of our client services and products.

    PEOPLE - We know that empowered employees are the only long term company resource that can provide real competitive advantage through excellent customer service. We believe this conclusion must be expressed in actions and decisions that cost time and money. We are therefore committed to the ongoing personal well being and professional development of all our employees and associates.

    SERVICE - The individual and company values characterized above embody our service approach. The relationship between AGI and its clients is based on caring, which is expressed in how well we concern ourselves with the needs of our clients. We are committed to taking excellent care of each client representative who deals with us in any way, and to assuring that person of our concern and respect for his or her unique requirements. Our responsiveness, competency and reliability will determine the quality of our performance in the minds of our clients and our ultimate success.

    PROFITABILITY - We strive to achieve maximum financial strength and stability for our clients and ourselves consistent with our overarching goal and foundation of individual and organizational integrity and ethical behavior. We will never sacrifice these Values for the sake of achieving AGI or client financial gain and / or strategic goals.