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  Cost Reduction / Productivity Improvement
Many hospital radiology departments, radiology groups and imaging services providers can enhance their financial performance by streamlining their operations and doing more with less. Often, however, this results in increasingly burdened staff and lower productivity. AGI assists clients in finding the right balance of operational efficiency and staff utilization such that client facilities can do more with less without sacrificing the quality of their service and/or jeopardizing the productivity and job satisfaction of their employees.

Specific recent projects have included:

  • On-site assessment of overall organizational structure and effectiveness of the imaging operations.
  • Reviewing operational processes / workflow to identify opportunities for increased efficiencies.
  • Benchmarking staffing, operations and expenses for hospital radiology departments and imaging centers.
  • Enhancing revenue through improved outpatient service levels and new provider offerings.
  • Restructuring equipment service programs to lower costs, enhance terms and improve reliability.
  • Reviewing billing processes to ensure proper reimbursement as related to CPT codes and modifiers.
  • Performing billing / collection reviews including outsourcing options and analysis.
  • Examining HIS / RIS information systems capabilities as they relate to operational efficiency.